Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Day in France

It's Tuesday morning and we are getting ready to go to Geneva to pick up Willy's friend. Yesterday was fantastic. Had a leisurely morning looking around Samoens. While Willy met with some acquaintances, we had a cafe au lait at a little cafe. Unfortunately, my lait was a wee bit curdled. Blech. But I didn't quite realize until I had drunk more than half. Blech. Luckly my stomach never reacted, so all turned out fine.

Then it was back up onto the mountain. This time I had a new pair of boots and skis courtesy of Saskia. They fit great and I felt so much more in control. We had a casual, social ski day without too much off piste for me to sort out. I'm slowly getting my mojo back after a couple years of missing it!

Last night we made a pot of soup and some salad and watched Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels. All in all a relaxing day.

I need to learn more about the town. It's probably a couple hundred years old. Some WWII or WWI battles were fought here and some French people apparently helped Jews escape over a nearby pass into Switzerland. If it was anything like the pass we went over, I really hope they made their escapes in summer!

The chalet where we are staying is somewhat old but nice. The stairs are treacherous, however. Instead of each step being full width, it is cut so that the wider parts alternate. You have to start with your right foot or you won't be able to make it up the stairs without tripping over yourself. And so steep!! I certainly can't get up and down the stairs with my hands full. It requires my full attention.

Well, must eat my breakfast so we can get going.

-Tara and Mark

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Riley said...

Ho hum.... one day you are in Tassie, the next in the French Alps... such globe trotters! Where to next?