Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comment Responses

I never know who goes back to read the comments after they post, so I never really respond in there. When I do, I feel like I'm talking to myself, which is a common occurrence with me anyway (though I like to think I'm just talking to Kai).

So, here are answers to some of the more recent comments from our valuable readers:

Rebecca, that was actually either a delicious Buck Snort Porter or a delicious Happy Highway Oatmeal Stout. I can't remember which. That was Mark's preferred beverage, while I tried out the Lone Peak IPA and then the Headplant Pale Ale. If you are ever in Big Sky, MT, I would check it all out! Hope you are having (had) a fantastic time in California!

A. Karen, (comment 1) I thought you might like that photo. That was actually from Halloween. I was dressed as my interpretation of a go-go dancer, and I was taking a puff from my Russian mob boss husband's stogie. :-) (comment 2) Keep in mind that Boise isn't too far from some great skiing either!! Winter holiday?!?!

Val, we are so looking forward to hearing the story of your "Summertime" duet with the street musician, as well as all your other great stories. See you soon!!

Sossity, yes, I agree, "y'all" is so convenient, and I think I'll continue to use it. "Youse guys" just doesn't seem to get the job down out west!

Susan, the more the merrier! Let's get all the "old gang" up there. We'd love it! By the way, I think we are already set to host this year's Halloween party. Come on up; I know how you love that holiday! ;-)

Tracy, what, you mean something like this:

Don't worry, that would never happen!

To all the rest,
thanks for your supportive notes in this crazy time! Anxiously awaiting what our next adventure has in store for us.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


No, we are not lost somewhere in the Great White North, trying to find our way back to Dallas. I got a little sidetracked with life and plans and heat waves. Excuses, excuses. So I have not yet updated all our wonderful readers (all three of you) on our trip. Then I realized that I have promised to post photos from our past three trips (including the trip to Australia ... not only the most recent one, but also the one almost two years ago now). I really will get them online for your viewing pleasure. Really, I will (said with Miss O'Hara's Southern drawl ... we do live in Texas after all). But wait, that brings me to the news (and the main reason for our busy-ness lately):

We will not be living in Dallas much longer.

If I knew how to make that flash and jiggle and move all around the page, I would, just to show you how excited we are (no offense to any Dallas-ites out there, but it just AIN'T our scene, y'all).

Our new home will not be in Samoens, France (boo-hoo ... that one still smarts, though I know it worked out for the best) or in Launceston, Tasmania, or in Timbuktu. Nope, we are heading north past our old playground of Denver on up into Boise, Idaho.

Why Idaho? Some might say it's because it's half the punchline to one of my favorite stupid jokes. (I will spare you all.) Others might say it's because we like our spuds, especially fried. Before we ever went there, I would have said it was because of the proximity to rivers, foothills, mountains, great expanses of wilderness, and a fantastic downtown within walking distance. But after having spent one crazy-busy-fun weekend in the city with our pal Heather Z., I think I can tell you that it's because on a Saturday night, I can go out dancing until 2 a.m. dressed as the queen of hearts while Mark sits on the back porch, sipping single malt scotch and shooting a tin can with a BB gun. (Now some of you might ask why we don't just move to West Virginia.)

There is more news, but we are waiting for it all to be finalized (no, I'm not pregnant). Stay tuned. And if I get a break from working and packing and forwarding mail and all that, I WILL post those photos--maybe even some from our whirlwind tour of Boise.