Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Adventures in Moving

So, we are obviously no longer in Aus or France. Just sitting here in Denver. Well, that's not entirely true. We haven't "just sat" in Denver for the past three or four weeks. Our time has been filled with tearing out old windows (only took us 1 week--thanks, James and Scotty!), installing new windows (only took us 2 weeks--thanks, James, Scotty, Max, Paul and the moral support of Beth, Suzy, and Susan), and finally breaking down and hiring wonderful Ramon Estrada to finish up the drywalling, mudding, taping, texturing, corner beads, trim, etc., etc., etc. For the past week it seems all we've been doing is painting--the bathroom, all the window frames, Mark's office, the kitchen; entire walls, touch-up jobs, doors, mirror frames, you name it. We haven't done this much work on the house since we moved in.

And why the frenzy of frenetic activity? Well, we are seriously considering and nearly absolutely sure that we are moving to Samoens, France. So, no, we did not just go there for a vacation. We went to scope out the possibility of becoming Frogs (well, at least residents of Frog-Land). (Do frogs live in the Alps?) And if not France, then perhaps Dallas. You know, 6 of one, half dozen of the other, right?

So, lots to do. This week we are taking all this painting fun and moving it outdoors, with the help of our neighboor Bill. If all goes well, our home for the past 6 years will be on the market by a week from Monday. Ack!

We plan to have photos taken by the pros at When that is done, we'll post a link for everyone to see panoramas of all the work we've done. (Oh, did I mention we also installed a "new" gas stove? Thanks, Danimal!!)

Whew! Anyway, a couple people asked whether we were keeping track of all our adventures in planning to move. So I thought, what the heck. Makes for just fascinating reading, I am sure.

Pictures of all the good times to follow.

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Mom and Dad said...

Hi Tara & Mark - I'm tired just reading your blog! Sounds like it will be hard to move once you get the house all fixed up and looking like the way you've wanted it to look. Maybe we'll be able to get there before you move - sounds like we will be there to help you move! Hang in there! Love, Mom and Dad