Monday, June 30, 2008

Dang keyboard

Sorry about that mis-post. Right now, Blogger is not letting me edit, so you'll just have to wonder what "things I" was thinking of talking about. Or maybe I'll write about it all here.

We have survived more than a week here in Flower Mound. I have learned that the town is named as such because there is, indeed, a mound, and it does, indeed, have flowers on it. I have yet to see this mound, and I cannot ascertain as of yet whether said mound is perhaps one of those mysterious Native American mounds that no one knows much about or whether it is just a mound of flowers. When I find out, I will be sure to let you all know.

Last week I redeemed my younger self by successfully holding a pseudo-temp job for an entire week where all I had to do was answer phones. I answered a whopping six calls (without disconnecting or pissing off anyone). That far surpasses my temp job in 1987, when I believe either I was fired or I quit after less than one day of answering phones for AT&T in New York City. Perhaps I have learned a thing or two in the past 20 years?! I even think my paycheck from this one week was more than I ever earned in a week in New York.

You'll all be happy to know that today I solved the mystery of the Fresh Donuts and Water. First of all, I must apologize to this "fine dining establishment." The true name of the company is Gourmet Donuts and Water. Sounds even more intriguing. Gourmet water? Actually, they sell not-so-gourmet donuts, lousy coffee, and R.O. Water, which is reverse osmosis water. I didn't taste the water, but perhaps it is what they are referring to as gourmet.

Another thing I have learned since living here is that without a TV we are EXTREMELY productive and active, and we sleep 1,000 times better. Actually, I should amend that. I have always slept fine. Mark is sleeping through the night every night and is even taking naps. Perhaps it's the exercise or the improved diet or the full days or (my favorite theory) the fact that he isn't watching 24-hour news 48 hours a day. I don't know for sure, but it's very nice. (And Kai appreciates all the extra attention, too.)

The big news of today is that we finally got our rental washer and dryer. I have been washing 6 weeks worth of clothes all day. We finally have something other than winter clothes and pajamas to wear. Hallelujah!

Speaking of, I think I am going to throw on some clean socks and take Kai out for his night time walk. G'nite, y'all!

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