Thursday, September 4, 2008


We woke up yesterday morning, threw on t-shirts, shorts, and running shoes, and took Kai out for his semi-regular morning walk/jog. Actually, Mark was taking Kai for a run, and I was planning on working out on the treadmill in the apartment complex's little gym. But one step outside, and I knew it was a special day, worthy of an actual walk around the neighborhood. I actually felt chilled and almost (almost!) contemplated throwing on a light sweatshirt or perhaps a long-sleeve shirt. I'm sorry for all the devastation Gustav caused in the Caribbean, and I'm glad it didn't destroy New Orleans as expected. But for purely selfish reasons, I am thrilled it came our way, with its big dark clouds, gusty winds, and temperatures that never reached above 85 degrees . . . all day (though not a drop of rain, which I guess we really need)! We even kept the windows open . . . all day! Granted the noise from the busy road behind our house was almost deafening, but who cared. We were breathing something other than air-conditioned air. If only it would last.

This may not seem blog-worthy to most of you, but trust me, it really, really is!

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