Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope all our United States-living friends and family have a wonderful, love-and-laughter-filled, and good-food-filled Thanksgiving. We'll be thinking of you and wishing we were with you all (and not just because that would mean we would get pie at every house!). 

Everyone says this, but it is true, so I'll say it too: Life and the bad economy and laundry and work and bills and what to make for dinner and wondering how to fit in an extra game of FreeCell before going to the gym all seem to get in the way of remembering that we have so many things to be thankful for. I won't list it all here, but here are a few of my things to be thankful for right this very moment:
  • The beautiful tree across the street that has suddenly turned a stunning shade of red
  • Kai curled up on his bed, looking so incredibly peaceful and content (and thankful to Mark for giving him a good run)
  • A steady flow of work to keep me busy, even in this crazy economy
  • My new sweatshirt with thumb holes, to keep my hands warm as I type
  • David Letterman's "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches"
  • Mark's yummy cardamom coffee in the mornings
  • The roof over our head and the fact that we are no longer sleeping on Thermarests
  • Sam and Susan, for taking in my ancient cat, Chester
  • The fact that my ancient cat, Chester, is still alive (though I'm not sure Sam and Susan are that thankful about this one)
  • Our good health (which is getting better every day)
  • The ridiculous amount of good food we are going to eat with friends and family tomorrow
  • Which leads me to the second-most important thing: All our incredible, supportive, fun, loving friends and family, near and far, Thanksgiving-celebrating or not! 
  • And at the top of my list (which I guess is actually the bottom of this list): My incredible, supportive, fun, loving, makes me giggle and smile, shows me so much of the world husband. I love you!
I had grandiose plans of attaching a picture to go with each item above, but it's late, and we have a lot of cooking to do tomorrow. So, a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving to everyone (and Happy Birthday, Pablo ... we miss you guys!). [For those of you not in the States or not celebrating Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy, healthy Thursday/Friday.]


Martin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Have a great day tomorrow.

Ben and Sharon said...

You sound really well which is great. I hear you are coming over to visit in 09. Wishing you a great Thanksgiving. Ben