Monday, June 15, 2009

Still on the Road

This is not a "real" post. Just a quickie to let all interested readers know that we didn't drive off the road and into a geyser/geezer.

Since we last wrote, we have seen the Grand Tetons (well, the lower half; the upper half was shrouded in stubborn clouds all day), nearly all of Yellowstone Park (including three viewings of Old Faithful ... spectacular), Butte and Missoula, Montana, Flathead Lake (gorgeous, gorgeous), Whitefish Lake (a smaller gorgeous), and a smidgen of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (a cumbersome park name if ever I heard one, but an absolutely stunning park --- I am quickly running out of adjectives for all the beauty we have seen).

Photos are to come. Must finish uploading some work before falling asleep here in our comfy condo in Whitefish, Montana (a place where I could easily retire ... tomorrow). Speaking of tomorrow, we are back on the road again, skirting around the bottom of WGIPP and up the east side into Canada. Banff, here we come!


Jonathan & Valerie: said...

I had no idea you guys were headed to Banff! I've always wanted to see that area. I have been to downtown Calgary and sang "Summertime" with a street musician, holding a glass of wine in my hand...but that's a story to share around the campfire with y'all when you return and come visit us in New Mexico! Safe travels our dear friends!

Anonymous said...

In my wandering around the bloggisphere, I saw the picture of Tara mit' glass of vino and cegar! Yes, I am Proud!
A. Karen