Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

Time for me to sit and reflect on all the good. To ignore the sad, bad news from around the world. To tune out the sensationalists and the rhetoric and the fanatics. (Though granted, it is getting harder and harder to do.) And instead to remember what I love about this crazy mixed-up world we live in.

So here goes, my list of what I am thankful for, in no particular order ...

a roof over my head, my green puffy (newly cleaned) jacket, fresh eggs from our neighbor's chickens, the fact that our neighbors have chickens in their backyard, my health, the YMCA, walks with the dog(s), the fact that the foothills are one block away, white-snow-blue-sky days like today, that fresh roasted coffee in that little market in San Jose, Costa Rica, our travels, our friends, our friends, our friends, Kai and all his many dogsitting buddies, even the naughty ones, our veggie garden all prepped and ready to go for next year, our beehive (I hope they survive this cold snap!), my new desk setup (thanks Mark and Sid!), the fact that we finally framed almost all of our pictures (now we just need to hang them), a good book, rainbows, double rainbows, Green Pond, airplanes that take us to see family and friends and on our farflung adventures (even with all the annoyances of present-day travel), Bloody Marys, filling the house with the smells of good food, the Capri's greasy spoon breakfast, mmm bacon, my memories, creating new memories, all the trees we have planted, our neighbors, Wordfirm for keeping me busy, changing seasons, Nana and Grandpa and Gram and Nana 2 for everything they have taught me about the importance of love and laughter, knitting (even if the current blanket project will NEVER flippin' end), the fact that I actually (eventually) finish certain craft projects now (I am sure Mom is happy about that!), laughing until my face hurts, all of our beautiful nieces and nephews--Ilan, Lara, Ariel, Megan, Lily, Sabrina, and Ella--we miss you all so much and are so proud of all of you!!, my cruiser bike and the fact that I rarely ever get in a car these days, did I mention coffee?? (I think maybe the fact that it keeps coming up is a sign that I should brew a cup), river trips, cell phones (texting and email and facebook)--all of which help keep me in touch with family and friends all over the world, sweet potatoes and yams (what is the difference, anyway?), music, music, music, the ocean, maple bacon donuts from VooDoo Donuts, the odd lady who feeds the birds in the vacant lot next door (I wonder if she knows that the hawks have learned this and now prey on the birds? Hmmm), the sounds of Kai's claws clickety-clacking across the hardwood floor, cuddling, walks to the post office with Mark, Cafe de Paris's cafe au lait (that's three!), camping, our house with its white picket fence, our family, our family, our family, our family! And, of course, Mark --- I don't always show it well, but I love you more now than ever and cannot imagine my life without you. You make all the crazy stuff more bearable!

There is more, I am sure, but for some reason I am suddenly very hungry and craving coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Or, if you don't celebrate this particular U.S. holiday, enjoy a day of love, laughter, and thanks just because! It's certainly better than the alternative.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 to Mark and Tara from NJ - I throughly share your thoughts and am toasting you with a double expresso. You were missed humonously at our Hamden, CT gathering.
A. K.