Thursday, April 21, 2011

Measuring the hours in dishes and the minutes in socks

As usual, I have been a little quiet here in BlogLand. As some of you know, that will probably change starting this weekend.

For the past two months, it's been all quiet on the various fronts, as Mark and I have been working, working, working away --- him in Morocco, having fun putting together races and such; me in Boise, in front of this computer for hours on end. But now, I'm struggling to get the last bits of work done in between cleaning house, mowing the lawn, and trying to keep my hands off the Rough Guide to Portugal--so tempting!!

As I finish up each chore, I find myself thinking, "That is the last load of laundry before I go." or "I won't have to wash this pan again until I get back." The biggest milestone will be when I can say, "This is the last time I have to open Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat for an entire month!" And let me tell you, that milestone almost thrills me as much as the fact that I finally get to see my long-lost Mark on SUNDAY!!

Kai, on the other hand, isn't thrilled about any of this

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