Thursday, May 26, 2011

Technical Details (and a few more photos)

Oops, I didn't make it clear that if you click on each photo in the previous post, it will take you to our Picasa albums.

And now a few of the photos I took with my phone's camera (with the Retro Camera app). Our camera died our second-to-last day of our trip, though it put up a valiant fight for its life to the end. I pulled out my camera phone every now and then, tho it didn't have a flash, so sometimes the photos are even more retro looking than usual.

Drop Box

(I have no idea how to change the title of the album, and I'm too lazy to move the last two photos of the album to their "proper" place.)

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Sossity said...

loving the update and photos!!! the pretty tree in Lisbon is a purple jacaranda. :) They are blooming in soCal right now and I just love them... off to look at the rest of the photos!!