Friday, February 1, 2008

Loving It

Yesterday turned out to be a great day. We woke up to fog and drizzle and thought we'd have another day in town, off the mountain. We met up with Herve for croissants and tea in town, and while we visited with him, the sky cleared up, the sun came out, and we decided it wouldn't be a waste of one of our remaining ski days on the pass. So back up to Katherine's to get our gear and then off to the mountain.

Willy, Christine, Mark and I just cruised around, looking for slushy snow. I even did a couple off-piste runs. I did well on piste and nearly burnt my legs to a crisp off piste. But Christine said that next time she'd work with me and give me some pointers on what the heck I'm doing. She's a great off-piste skier and makes it look so easy! Maybe after 3 more days of skiing I'll finally figure out how to do this sport! We'll see. Watch out Susan, I'm coming back a better skier and am ready for our days in Vail, etc.!

Christen, I think Madame Beebe would be proud of the fact that I can actually follow the conversations going on around us. However, I can't think of a single word that i need to say when I need to say it. Although I am able to mumble bonjour or bonsoir or merci. Sometimes I even manage a bonjournee or bonsoiree when I'm feeling particularly fluent.

Last night, Mark and Willy met up with a friend of theirs while Christine and I hopped on the ski bus and hoped to the high heavens that it was going in the direction we wanted. After a few tense moments when it seemed the bus was headed right out of town, it turned around and made it's way to the Aspen Bar for quite a few glasses of wine and great conversation.

Then a dinner of soup and salad back at the house and off to bed. These full days are wearing us out (yeah, poor us).

Today we are off to Chamonix while we wait for the fresh snow to fall on the mountain so that tomorrow we can finally go up for some powder (Well, everyone else will get into the powder and I'll watch from the groomed piste).

Tara and Mark

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