Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still Here

Aah, I am so glad I stayed in yesterday . The weather was cloudy, snowy, and cold with occasional patches of sunshine. Mark and everyone else went out for a full day on the mountain and had a great time. I was happy to stay in, read my book, tidy up a bit, and just do nothing for a day. They came back redfaced and sore but happy and said that it had been bitter cold and blustery but fun if you knew how to ski off-piste.

They all got back in time to watch the England vs. Wales rugby match in the Six Nations competition (the six nations are Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, France, and Italy). Wales won in a major upset (first time they had won at Twickenham in 21 years) so everyone was happy. The most entertaining part was the post-game interview with the Man of the Game (MVP). Even Willy and Christine could not understand a word the man said. Something about going to the championship in a helicopter or some such thing. Or at least that's what I heard.

This morning, we were a little late in getting onto the mountain. It's another beautiful blue-sky day, a little colder, but still fantastic. We were supposed to meet up with a bunch of people on the mountain, but today is the first day of Half Term (school holidays) and the mountain was PACKED!! The lift we were supposed to catch had a chaotic-looking mass of people waiting to load up. So we just followed the emptier lifts and did our own thing. We did eventually meet up with Duncan and did a run with him before taking a vin chaud break. Then we left with Dunc while Christine and Willy went off in search of untouched powder.

Now here we sit wondering what we can scrounge together for dinner while we watch the France/Scotland match (France is winning and we are thinking some kind of potato/bean soup).

We are slowly adjusting to the idea that we are heading home in a couple days. Back to the land of reality (although with a short break with Mom and Dad, etc., in Connecticut!).

Mark and Tara

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Denise said...

Ok, First of all I am starting to need a dictionary or maybe a French dictionary to understand your messages. You have some translating to do when I see you next.

Second, when you do come for your pit stop, will dark chocolate M&M's be enough to satisfy your daily chocolate needs? If not, you might want to bring some of that great French stuff you keep talking about. I know the girls love you already, but that would put you over the top!

We can't wait to hear all about your stories in person. I only hope the three lil' chatter boxes will give you the chance to speak. By the way, we haven't told them you are coming! Might want to do all your talking while they are still in shock after seeing you in their home. After that wears off you are out of luck.

See you soon!
The Plymouth Rock Family