Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heaven Is a Queen-Sized Bed

Or at least that's my definition of heaven this week. We moved onto Grady Court just in time for the annual neighborhood block party. And not only are our neighbors super nice, they are also super generous. We left the party with bellies full of food and beverages, smiles on our faces, and an ironing board, coffee table, two cute little chairs for the bedroom and the office, sheets, and a mattress. Nice welcoming committee! Our house is actually starting to look like a house. We even got some of the screens in place, reducing the number of flies, moths, and mosquitos at least by half!

The weather is cooling off here and is almost really pleasant. I found out that because our little house is situated on top of a "hill" and there are no trees in our large backyard, there is nothing to stop the wind/breeze from blowing through our windows, keeping us nice and cool, even on some of the warmer days. Fresh air is lovely! I might even need to put on a very light sweater soon, if this keeps up.

I seem to update the blog when Mark is off at work . So once again, no pictures, as they are all on his computer. We'll try to get some from Neil and Tina's wedding, as well as a few shots of the house sometime soon. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie and Eric (no, not my cousins Debbie and Eric; that would be weird) who semi-officially tied the knot in Yosemite last month and who will be making the whole thing officially official later this month in San Francisco. I am so incredibly happy for you both (though I'm not sure you even read this blog, so hmmmm, there is that).

Happy autumn to all of you lucky enough to have one!

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