Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ice Storm

The weather is looking mighty frightful today, with temps steadily dropping from the low 30s down, down, down from there. We woke up to a forecast of 1/4" of ice by this evening. I guess Texas forgoes (forgos? hmmm, either way it looks wrong) the pretty fluffy snow for evil deadly ice. Yay! (note the sarcasm)

So to help me forget some of this icy madness, I'll catch you up on a just a few things to warm the soul.

A couple weeks ago, Mark spent a week in Vegas with Dave at the PPAI expo. There were tens of thousands of attendees, and many of them were very impressed with the clothing at Mark and Dave's stellar booth. The orders have already started to roll in. Hooray! The website is still being updated and improved (including an upcoming photo shoot to get actual pictures of the products up there). We will get that link up here as soon as it is all live and good to go!

When Mark got back from Vegas, we celebrated his success, as well as our 7th anniversary, with an incredibly relaxing, fun, beautiful day that started with breakfast at a local diner, moved on to a nice long walk with Kai at Arbor Hills, and ended with a big ol' sushi dinner. Yum! It really does not seem like we were enjoying the big day at Chief Hosa 7 years ago. Wasn't it just last year? My how time flies! And yet it also seems like it must have been years ago--I mean, how could we have packed so much fun and so many adventures into 7 short years!


Nanci said...

Happy anniversary! Please let us know the URL of Mark's site once it's ready for prime time :-)

Sossity said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Lucky #7. ;) Glad you enjoyed your day, and I am raising a glass to many more years of love and contentment together.

The Frog said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys look great! I don't think I have been to Chief Hosa since drinking Boone's Farm up there in high school! Talk about time flying by! Can't wait to see the website up and running and hope to see you guys soon!

BTW...I didn't know you could get sushi in Texas. :)

Jonathan & Valerie: said...

HAPPY (BELATED) ANNIVERSARY GUYS! We remember your wedding day so well. In fact, you've inspired me to go back and look at some photos from that wonderful time. *sigh*

Keep us posted on Mark's web site. I suppose you'll post it to the blog, but let us know when it's prime time nonetheless!

Ashe-man and Ashe-woman

Beth Wedlake said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary! I remember you wedding but can't believe it's been seven years! Wow. Congrats. We love you.