Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aw, Thanks!

To all of you who celebrate, and even those of you who don't, we wish you a very healthy, happy, tasty Thanksgiving. We hope you are spending it (or spent it, in Debi's case) with loved ones, whether they be family or friends or family AND friends.

I just remembered that I did a whole list of what I was thankful for last year, and that was a pretty good list. But I can't just copy and paste it here--that would be cheating. So bear with me as I list this year's "What I'm Thankful for Right Now" post.
  • I'm thankful for the heater vent right under my desk that keeps my footsies warm in winter (note that those footsies are also in the blue fuzzy socks from Michelle A., which are inside the blue fuzzy slippers from Susan F. So I am triply toasty. Thank you all!).
  • I'm thankful to Michelle (twice in one post) for sending along that onion confit recipe. As I type, our house is filling with the smells of caramelizing onions. Mmmmm. Can't wait to see how it tastes in place of the cranberry sauce on the turkey. (Michelle, I will send you the yam scone recipe this week. Promise!)
  • I'm thankful for our wonderful new home.
  • I'm thankful to Heather Z. for encouraging us to make the great migration north.
  • I'm thankful to our parents for supporting us in so many ways. We cannot thank you enough for everything you all have done--Mum and Dad and Mom and Dad!
  • I'm thankful that our friend Shane is home with his loving wife and daughter and on the road to recovery.
  • I'm thankful to be out of Dallas. But saying that, I'm also so thankful to our circle of friends in Dallas (and Austin) who made our year there so much more bearable than it would have been without them. It wasn't the people we didn't like; it was just the place that did not suit us.
  • I'm thankful to be here in Boise. We have found a city that fits exactly what we have been looking for, and we have fallen into another fabulous network of friends who have made us feel so welcome . . . from our very first day here.
  • As always, I am thankful to all our family and friends for everything. You help make us who we are!
  • And this I am going to steal from last year, because it is all still true: I'm thankful for my incredible, supportive, fun, loving, makes me giggle and smile, shows me so much of the world husband. I love you!
So whether you are celebrating the American Thanksgiving or just sitting around enjoying your day, take a couple seconds to realize all the good things in life. It's way better than dwelling on the negative.


The Frog said...

Thank YOU Tara! You and Mark always make me smile. Glad to see you both found a place that makes you happy. Oh, and I am gonna need that yam scone recipe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nanci said...

Would you be willing to share the onion confit recipe?

Greg Joffe said...

Mark. You are so lucky to have such a lovely wife....

Tara. Thanks for being such a lovely wife for Mark. Also, can I please have the onion confit recipe too. Sounds scrumptious.

Love Greg