Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let the Projects Begin (again)

We have been in our new home for going on four months now. In that time, we've completed a couple hefty outdoor projects (moving the fence; building the shed; planting more irises than I care to count; planting new trees and plotting the death of old trees). But once fall came, we pretty much shut down on the projects. Now that winter is here (it is definitely here!! Brrrrr.), we have begun our first big indoor project (other than replacing the front door, installing a new bathroom fan, fixing the dishwasher, etc., etc.).

Our dear friend (and inspiration) Heather Z. decided to tear up the carpet in her bedroom and just paint the subfloor until she had time, etc., to install a new hardwood floor. Duh!? Why didn't we think of that?! So, we have followed her lead and started the de-construction.

We are starting small, just the downstairs hallway and stinky, icky laundry room. After a couple knuckle-busting days of ripping up carpet, tearing out ninety-seven million staples, and then scraping up linoleum, we are now down to the best we could do in terms of subfloor. The heat is cranked up to get that caulk and mud dry, so that later today we can paint the floor with the cat-pee-odor-killing primer. Then maybe tomorrow we can put on the "wood" colored paint that we picked out.


blueflamingo said...

We lived on plywood subfloor in the dining room and living room for MONTHS before we got around to installing the hard wood floors - we didn't bother with the primer or paint though. You go, Joffes!

Happy2help said...
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