Friday, September 7, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Well, we didn't make it all day without sleeping. Mark napped for an hour and then I slept for two. Probably a good thing, as I really don't think we would have made it through dinner! The entire Joffe family dined together last night for the first time in six years. Quite the occasion! There was more tickling, with everyone ganging up on Mark and almost getting the upper hand. And then Greg began teaching the next generation of Joffes and Bergers the family card game...Scrooge.

I was asleep almost before everyone left and didn't even fidget again until 5 this morning. Mark and his dad were already awake, watching the U.S. Open and then the rugby World Cup match between Argentina and France (Argentina won ... a huge upset). I did about four hours of work and then stumbled upstairs for breakfast.

Some family friends were coming for tea, so Alan and Mark and I went off to a wonderful bakery to get some treats and stopped at the butcher shop for biltong (a delicious South African "jerkey" ... yum!).

We had a nice visit with the Bergers (as opposed to the Bergers ... who also showed up). Confused yet? One is pronounced Burger and the other Berdger. Go figure. Now we are resting up before meeting the "Berdgers" and Greg for dinner. (OK ... the "Burgers" are family friends from South Africa and the "Berdgers" are Sharon and Ben).

It's a gorgeous day. Big puffy clouds in the sky and tons of boats on the harbor (Mark is sitting here correcting my spelling (hmph) ... apparently now that I'm in Sydney, I have to change my spelling. HarbOUr. Whatever!) Of course, we're just lounging around and being incredibly lazy. Maybe we'll motivate for a walk, but I doubt it. I'm blaming it all on jet lag.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Aren't you glad I'm not sending these missives as long emails!?!


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Mom and Dad said...

Hi! I just found out if I double click on the pictures, they fill the screen and I can see them better. I thought you had one eye open in your "sleep"! The Joffes and Bergers look good. The kids have grown! Molly and Alan definitely look very happy to have their family all together again - rightly so. Give them our love. Love, MOM