Monday, September 10, 2007

Time Warp

I just realized that the dates that appear on our little blog site are set to U.S. time. Heh. I'm definitely living in some weird time dimension. My computer is still on Colorado time, otherwise I would have no clue what time it is in the States. Then I can add or subtract hours to determine who is doing what on the East and West coasts.

We did go for a walk today (now yesterday), but not to get fish and chips. Plans are always in flux. Instead, after I finished up some work, Alan and I did our best, but failed, to do the Sunday crossword puzzle (on Monday), and then he and I and Mark went for a walk around the neighborhood. (Note that the neighborhood is situated on the South Head entrance to Sydney Harbour, with Watson's Bay on one side and the ocean on the other, so it's a very nice neighborhood walk.)

Everything is starting to bloom (although I think things are always in bloom here). Brilliant red bougainvillea, delicate white myrtle, birds of paradise, all sorts of fruit trees, and myriad other plants I could never begin to name. (I don't even know the names of the plants in our little garden at home.) I don't know if it's jasmine or what, but there is something out there that smells deliciously sweet, as well as the stronger smell of eucalyptus. (The photo is of Molly and Alan's garden.)

The other day on our walk a huge bird swooped in front of us and landed on a branch. We were within 5 feet of it, right at eye level. It was some kind of cross between an owl and a hawk. OK, so maybe it was one or the other, but we could not figure out which. Beautiful bird. Then today we saw larakeets (like parrots but smaller) all flitting around the branches of this huge tree that didn't have any leaves but that had brilliant red spiky flowers. And than on another branch was a kookaburra just sitting there looking very cute and fluffy. So much wildlife and greenery! All the bird calls sound like something out of a jungle scene in a movie. (The Kookaburra link above has a sound clip of kookaburra calls, and that's just one of the birds we hear here!)

Well, now it's Tuesday. I never did post this last night because (1) I wanted to add links and such and (2) we left for dinner at Rose Bay Hotel, home of Monday Night $10 t-bone steak dinner (which actually doesn't sound like that good of a deal to me, but maybe that's cuz I live too close to Nevada, the land of $4 all-you-can-eat steak dinners). Then this morning we met some of Molly and Alan's family friends for breakfast. I had a delicious stack of French toast with grilled bananas. Yummy! So much food!!

Now Mark and Molly are off grocery shopping to stock up on food for our trip to the Blue Mountains, Alan is off on a meeting, and I'm just sitting on the couch, working and watching the clouds roll in over the HarbOUr. Rough life.

Speaking of work, I should get back to it. The Media Manager is calling my name!

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Mom and Dad said...

Hi - The kookaburra is LOUD! Of course I did have the sound up, but still! The larakeet is beautiful! What an onslaught of sights and sounds you are receiving. Denise told me she Skyped you the other day. What is your skype name? (you may want to send that to me via email for security reasons!) We have so enjoyed your blog. Thank you for thinking of it. Can't wait to hear about the Blue Mountains. Love, MOM