Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Laissez les bon temps rouler

Man, oh, man, it is always a party at the Joffes. Tonight we had Neighbor Bill over here helping Mark prep the house for painting. Scotty's neighbor Jess's brother, Chris (who I believe might be from New Orleans and who has some wonderfully hilarious stories--he's even got a funny story about a box of rags--but who is also taking 6 hours to complete a job and now he's coming back tomorrow), is trying to get the downdraft vent for our new stove working and venting outside. Mark has been pounding and scraping away (in between various phone calls and answering Bill and Chris's questions). I was either up on the roof scraping out the gutters or down in the basement painting more walls.

Good times, let me tell you! So I'm taking a break to fill you all in on the fun. Don't you wish you were here (we do!!! .... more slave labor).

Pizzas and Dr. Pepper are on their way, although I might be opting for the Corona with lime at this point.

Here are some belated photos (rated PG for partial nudity and man-on-man gyrations):

Friendly neighborhood slave labor

Mark said he was grinding away so hard
he didn't even fell Paul, uh, grinding away behind him.

Paul and Max enjoying the (ahem) view.

Not quite finished, but purty, ain't it?

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