Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Unveiling

Well, I though I had a minute to upload some of our piddly photos, but time ran out. Instead we have our official listing that makes our house look spectacular, in my humble opinion. Actually it looks way bigger and way better than I could imagine, and I live in it. So ... check it out. Our real estate agent hasn't input all the details, but it looks pretty good to me. Anyone in the market for a move-in-ready home in Lakewood, CO? Close to the open space. Super easy access to the city and the mountains. As they say, location, location, location. Mark has already "shown" the house tonight to people who were snooping around the foreclosing HUD home next to us.

It's 12:30 a.m. Saturday and we are finally home from a crazy day of prepping and cooking for the river. Probably no news from us until we get back. Have a GREAT week everyone and hope it doesn't snow/rain on the dock installation all you Green Pond folks!


Mom and Dad said...

Oh WOW! Your house looks great!!! You have to live in it longer now that everything is done!!! You can ask MORE for it now! Hope your trip down the San Juan was great. Green Pond was wonderful - dock, gazebo, patio furniture, boat - all put in. Then half a day to enjoy it. Had 10 people helping this time - by 2 pm EVERYTHING was done! Sun shining, no wind, Debi went in (with a wet suit that leaked "a little" in 40+ degree water). We missed you two and had a toast to you. Love, MOM

The Frog said...

The house looks fantastic! The background music alone, made me want to consider it.....but only if the guys with the pants around their ankles come with it. I don't like to wash windows!