Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pourquoi France?

Or is it, Pourquoi la France? Either way, I realize we never really explained what the heck we are doing selling our house and moving. Well, if this isn't reason enough:

(I mean, come on, isn't that beautiful and quaint and everything the French Alps should be?) I'll see if I can come up with a better explanation. Mark is actually better at explaining all this, but he is off to help Max install wood floors in Suzy's condo. Soooo, here goes ...

It all started at Thanksgiving, when we were getting ready to break the news to my folks that we were seriously considering moving to Tasmania (yes, in Australia). Before we had really broached the subject, Mark got a call from Neil "Willy" Baxter from somewhere in France. Willy had been living in the town of Samoens, France, off and on for the past two years and he thought it had great potential for some business opportunities, not to mention property investment. Mark and Willy have wanted to work together for ages, so perhaps this was the big chance.

Mark was intrigued, as was I (not only by the thought of moving there but also by the idea of finally getting a First World vacation, with real toilets and showers and everything!). So we immediately made plans to visit in February. Once there, we fell in love with the town. Mark and Catherine and Willy have been hammering out their business plan ever since. Essentially they will be running a high-end tourist operation geared toward Europeans (mainly the strong-pound-loving Brits).

The paperwork is being completed this week, and then Mark will apply for his visa. The plan is to be there by September (perhaps Mark might go sooner). In the meantime, we will most likely be living in Dallas once the house is sold (more on that subject to be posted soon). Yes, Dallas ... in the summertime. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

And the most important question:

Yes, Kai will be going with us. (Doesn't he look just thrilled at the prospect?)

However, we are torn as to what to do with little old Chester. Anyone want to give a loving home to our most adorable eighteen-year-old cat??

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