Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So that's what that thing is for ...

With the invention of the CamelBack and other ingenious (although nasty-tasting) hydration devices, I was beginning to think those little deely-bobs on bike frames would become extinct. But today, I was feeling quite virtuous (there's that word, Val) and decided to ride my bike to the grocery store. [Of course, I opted against riding uphill to the Safeway and instead took the flat-ish route to Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocer. My laziness cost me at least $20 extra in the high-end organic super-duper groceries. But anyway ...] After stuffing my backpack full of goodies, I realized I did not have room for the bottle of wine I planned to purchase. But no worries, "old" technology to the rescue:

Glad to say I made it safely home, although I dodged every bump possible to ensure that my precious cargo did not shatter.

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Beth Wedlake said...

LOVE IT!!! Next time ride on over to our house ( :