Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bittersweet Day

I know we haven't been the best about keeping you all up to date on our daily activities of late. But let me tell you, you haven't missed much. We've just been packing and selling stuff and more packing and trying to squeeze in some work and getting together with friends to say farewell (the hardest part of all).

But today our realtor/neighbor Peggy Patterson (who we love and would recommend to anyone) and Mark and I headed off to Title America and signed it all away to Roger and Janice Nelson of Redding, CA. We're still here in the house today and tomorrow (we aren't leaving until they kick us out on Saturday), packing up the last stuff and wrapping our boxes in rolls and rolls of shrink wrap so it can all be shipped off to Connecticut and Dallas. But holy cow! This all happened so fast!!

Our friends Sam and Susan are being kind enough to put up with us for the next week and a bit before we head off on another river trip en route to Dallas by way of Albuquerque. They are also being amazingly kind and taking our poor old cat, Chester, who we will miss incredibly much but who will be going to a good home/hospice.

We have so many fond memories of all the good times over the past 6 years in our little home on Flower Street. We will certainly miss Lakewood and all our wonderful friends. But we know that it is a small world and that we will see you all again ... whether in person or through the wonders of Skype!
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Jonathan & Valerie: said...

Congratulations guys! Of course, we say this with both sweetness and bitterness, because while we didn't see you all that often, it's no longer a possibility to drive just a few hours and visit you in Denver...HOWEVER, we do intend to visit you in your new French digs!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. Pink margaritas await. xoxo

The Frog said...

Wow! That did happen fast! Congrats you guys! I can't wait to hear about your adventures in France! Cheers!