Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

We've been a bit out of touch, and not because we are busy packing (well, not until yesterday anyway). Tara's parents were in town, and we took them on a whirlwind tour of all things Colorado Springs.

Day one was spent in Manitou Springs, which was not nearly as quaint as I thought it would be. And then a driving tour up to Cripple Creek and Victor and back down (I think we saw Pikes Peak from every possible vantage point except the top). We didn't realize that Manitou Springs was known for its mineral spring drinking water. I thought it was hot springs. Apparently all through town there are springs that you can drink from for free. They must have been hidden between all the kitschy stores and tourist traps, because we didn't see a one. Oh well.

Day two (Mother's Day/Mom & Dad's 40th Anniversary), we visited the Air Force Academy, which has a spectacular campus with some of the best-maintained trails I've seen in a long time. Mom and Dad went to the Chapel for a rockin' service put on by cadets, while Mark and I took Kai for a walk on the aforementioned trails. We then met up, shopped for some food at the commissary, and ate by the runway between a "Warthog" and a "Thunderbird." (Air Force types might know what we are talking about.)

Then it was off in search of the U.S. Olympic Training Center. (We had the world's worst maps, so getting around town proved to be a bit tricky at times.) But we made it, only to find out the complex is pretty much dead on Sundays (especially Mother's Day). But we did get to watch some male gymnasts practice the parallel bar and pommel horse via live TV in the guest area. We also drove around and caught a glimpse of a bunch of young, fit athletes lounging around the pool on their day off.

A circuitous route took us through town to Seven Falls (which we did not visit, because it required sitting in line and paying money), past the Broadmoor (spectacular hotel/residence complex), up to the entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (yet another line that we accidentally got stuck in for a while), back down past Helen Hunt Falls (I mean, she was good in "Mad About You," but naming falls after her, although I thought perhaps it was an homage to her high forehead), and then along a dirt road that wound up and over some mountain back toward Old Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods, where we took Kai for another walk along with half the population of Colorado Springs (did we mention it was a beautiful Mother's Day?).

That night we prepared a lovely dinner of artichokes, scallops, and risotto, with lots of wine and champagne and laughter to celebrate the day.

All in all, a wonderful trip. We were sad to see Mom and Dad leave on Tuesday (sorry to hear about the 3 hour delay in Dallas. BLECH!). But we'll see them again soon, perhaps on Dad's sailboat?!

Now we have begun packing and getting ready for our move to Dallas in June. I promise not to go into that much detail in describing our adventures in packing :)


Nanci said...

Might the Paul Reiser Geyser be near Helen Hunt Falls?

T&M said...

HA! I love it! I did not see it, but he always seemd to play second fiddle, so perhaps he's hidden away in an unknown valley, poor guy.